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Format: Oct 15 2018 - 9:46:36pm
Format: Oct 15 2018 - 9:46:36pm
Format: Oct 15 2018 - 9:46:36pm
Making of Naturally-Dyed Yarn in Assam

For centuries, weavers in Assam have been dyeing fabrics with natural colours. With growing popularity of these fabrics ...

Anwar Hussain: Creating Opportunities Through Multiple Cropping

Anwar Hussain, an agripreneur from Nagaon, replaced traditional farming techniques with multiple cropping and making ...

Manik Das: Fuelling Agriculture Growth in Assam

Agripreneur Manik Das from Lakhimpur narrates how systematic vegetable farming helped him climb the success ladder.

Sabita Kalita: An Agripreneur of Goalpara, Assam

Foraying into agriculture, Sabita Kalita has paved her way to empowerment. A Krishi Karman awardee, she is an ...

Birubala Rabha: Strongest Voice Against Witch-Hunting

Birubala Rabha is the strongest voice against witch-hunting in Assam. She is now a household name in the state and her ...