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Format: Mar 25 2023 - 10:57:14pm
Format: Mar 25 2023 - 10:57:14pm
Format: Mar 25 2023 - 10:57:14pm
Land Rights for Indigenous People

By providing land pattas to landless families, Assam government has fulfilled a major promise made to the indigenous ...

অসম চৰকাৰৰ নেতৃত্বত ভূমিহীন খিলঞ্জীয়া পৰিয়াললৈ ভূমি পট্টা
Land Patta for Indegenous Families of Assam

On October 5, Govt of Assam will provide land patta to over 50,000 landless families, thus fulfilling the target of ...

Kasturba Ashram, Guwahati - Silently Nurturing Gandhian Philosophy

The Guwahati branch of the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust silently practises every bit of Gandhian philosophy, ...

In Conversation with Lovlina Borgohain

MyGov Assam strikes a conversation with Arjuna Award recipient boxer Lovlina Borgohain on the occasion of National ...

Gyan Bharati Quiz 2020

The wait is over ! Here is the Gyan Bharati Quiz 2020 online

Mikas Musahary | Earning Fortunes With Banana

At a time when the whole world is reeling under an economic crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mikas Musahary, a ...