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Upendra Rabha: Pioneer of Black Rice in Assam

Start Date: 19-08-2018
End Date: 19-08-2019
Upendra Rabha, from Amguripara village near Dudhnoi in Goalpara district, is a progressive farmer who is the pioneer of black rice in Assam. He started black rice cultivation back in 2011, with guidance of local Krishi Vigyan Kendra as an experiment, which later turned to be huge success. A specific variety of black rice has been named after him as ‘Upendra rice’. He emphasises mainly on black rice cultivation and has inspired many farmers across Assam to take up cultivation of this exotic variety of rice which has high nutritional value. He was a member of the farmers’ team that was taken to Vietnam for an agri-exposure tour in May this year by the Government of Assam.
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