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Passion Makes it Possible | Story of a Village Gym

Start Date: 07-11-2020
End Date: 30-11-2023
Passion and enthusiasm can make any ends meet. A passion for body building led Bikash Bordoloi and his friends of Morigaon to build a gym set-up with all locally available or discarded items. Watch this unique story.
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Jyotiska boruah 5 months 4 weeks ago

সুন্দৰ পদক্ষেপ ৷ এনে পদক্ষেপে শৰীৰ চৰ্চা ও শাৰীৰিক পশিক্ষন, যোগভ্যাসেে সমাজত এক পৰিবেশে গঢ় লৱ ৷


Susanta Kumar Pattnaik 11 months 5 days ago

Youth spirit and enthusiasm causes passion is unending.Passion is out of emotional involvement with a specific object or subject and this makes individual promotion in positive attitude or negativity in habits.Passions are breeding ground for innovative and rennovative ideas to acellerate society and a parameter to National unity and uniformity,integrity and sovereignty, upward progress and developmental opportunities.It ensure better livelihood pattern and regulates economic allocations.


Jayanta Topadar 11 months 1 week ago

यूँ ही नई दिशा देते रहिए...दुसरों को प्रेरणा देते रहिए