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Gunuttaran | Students Turn Administrators, Innovators

Start Date: 08-11-2019
End Date: 30-11-2022
Gunuttaran is an initiative to recognise and groom capabilities of children through co-curricular activities. Watch how this unique idea is brewing transformation in the education system right from the grassroots.
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Jayanta Topadar 5 months 2 weeks ago

Such innovation makes the teaching and learning an intersting and fruitful one! Keep it up! Such teachers are a blessing for the learners!


PROSHANTA PURKAYASTHA 6 months 3 weeks ago

Well done teacher. Your pioneering effort will show light to many to cross the hurdles .


Susanta Kumar Pattnaik 11 months 14 hours ago

It becomes a role model for community and young generation. It inspires more to participate in national theme, more participation in govt programs. It spread social education to be on social flow and it generates we feeling and patriotic zeal. It keeps national integrity and sovereignty and unity and uniformity intact and Indian developmental trends acellerares. It refines culture and modifies behavior. It develops positive attitude and habits. It encourage positive thinking and control emotions