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বৃহত পৰিসৰৰ বৰষুণৰ পানী সংৰক্ষণ বিষয়ক মতামতৰ আহ্বান

অসমৰ গড় হিচাবে বাৰ্ষিক বৰষুণৰ পৰিমাণ হৈছে ২৮১৮ মিমি, য’ত কেৱল ...

বিতং তথ্য চাওক বিতং তথ্য গোপন কৰক

অসমৰ গড় হিচাবে বাৰ্ষিক বৰষুণৰ পৰিমাণ হৈছে ২৮১৮ মিমি, য’ত কেৱল গুৱাহাটী চহৰতে বাৰ্ষিক ১৬৯৮ মিমি বৰষুণ হয়। অৱশ্যে এই বৰষুণৰ প্ৰৱণতা সুষম নহয়, অঞ্চল ভেদে ভিন ভিন। ফলত ইয়াৰে কিছুমান ঠাই হৈ পৰে অতিমাত্ৰা বৰষুণৰ ঠাই, আৰু অইন অঞ্চল হৈ পৰে বৰষুণ বিহীন অঞ্চল। ইয়াতে আহি পৰে বৰষুণৰ পানী সংৰক্ষণৰ গুৰুত্ব।
অসমত বৰষুণৰ পানী সংৰক্ষণৰ বিশেষ গুৰুত্ব আছে। যদি এই সংৰক্ষণ বৃহত কলেবৰত কৰিব পৰা যায় তেন্তে ই বানপানীকে ধৰি খৰাং, ভূমি স্খলন, পানীৰ অভাৱ আদি সমস্যা সমূহ সমাধান কৰাত সহায়ক হৈ উঠাৰ যথেষ্ট থল আছে। সংৰক্ষিত পানী বিভিন্ন কাম কাজ যেনে কৃষি, পশুপালন, আন্ত:গাথনি উন্নয়ন আদিৰ কামতো ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব পাৰি।
অসম চৰকাৰে বৃহত পৰিসৰৰ বৰষুণৰ পানী সংৰক্ষণৰ বিভিন্ন দিশ সম্পৰ্কে ৰাইজৰ পৰা দিহা-পৰামৰ্শ তথা মতামত কামনা কৰিছে। এই পৰামৰ্শই এই গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ বিষবস্তুটোৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত বিভিন্ন আঁচনি প্ৰস্তুতকৰণত অসম চৰকাৰক নিশ্চয়কৈ সহায় কৰিব।

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Mandar Das 1 সপ্তাহ 6 দিন পূৰ্বে

Choosing the best-fit rain water harvesting system depends on topography, land use, land cover, hydrology pattern and demand pattern. The volume of water to be stored is determined using mass balance method, Ripple diagram method, analytical method, and sequent peak algorithm method. Based on various satisfying criteria, analytical hierarchy process is employed to determine the most appropriate type of rain water harvesting method and required number of rain water harvesting structures.


Sandeep Shaw 3 সপ্তাহ 6 দিন পূৰ্বে

Students play a vital role in the constructive development of our nation. Children from primary classes should be taught to conserve rainwater.
Moreover every educational, government institutions and railway station should first implement small-scale rainwater harvesting to make people aware of it's importance. The students of engineering college should help the local inhabitants to construct efficient and low-cost rain water harvesting system to create a big change towards water conservation.


Mandar Das 1 month 2 দিন পূৰ্বে

Across the globe, almost everyone of us are experiencing imbalaces in our ecological system and for this we human race is itself to be blamed. Due to thick plantation and geographical terrain, the state almost every year is experiencing heavy to major rainfall which immensely disturbs normal habitat. If we start adopting the practice of rain water harvesting, we might able to tackle both the situations - at the time of scarcity of water & safe water to have during the floods.


Sanziwita Choudhury 1 month 4 সপ্তাহ পূৰ্বে

If there is no rain, there is no water. Ground water is depleting. Floods are occurring easily because we individuals destroy the ecology. There is no proper community water bodies, before installing a rain water harvesting system in our houses, we should know how to save a tree and even if we need to build something, we can be clever and keep it safe and build anything without destroying it. There should be water tanks which is open in everyone's houses, so that rain water gets collected.


Sanziwita Choudhury 1 month 4 সপ্তাহ পূৰ্বে

For safe Assam from the natural climatic hazards and especially loss of water, we need to respect the environment. There has been a lot of cases where trees are being cut down simply to make individual properties, hills and mountains being cut down just to make factories and lakes are being dried up again for individual consumption. It should be stopped. Before thinking of rain water harvesting let's plant more trees for the rain to occur. There should be man made ponds, reservoirs and tanks.


Bhargav Pratim Saikia 2 হিচাপ 17 ঘন্টা পূৰ্বে

Make mandatory construction of Water Harvesting System before giving Construction clearance. Issue strict order to all the builders to follow the existing norms,otherwise penalize them. Steps may be taken to deepen waterbeds of certain ponds,lakes, or even rivers. Fisheries may be promoted so that more water bodies comes up. Also public education is must.