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Indukalpa Bharali: The Man Behind Wonder Food ‘Bhim Vita’

Start Date: 29-02-2020
End Date: 31-12-2023
Not waiting for his luck to strike gold, Indukalpa Bharali, a successful entrepreneur hailing from Majuli, created his own destiny through immense hard work and dedication. His vision led him to come up with a wonder food named ‘Bhim Vita’ made from Bhim Kol (Musa balbisiana) . His innovative product Bhim Vita was soon followed by a series of other business enterprises. High in nutritional content minus chemical preservatives, it is worth mentioning that Bhim Vita earned him recognition and appreciation from all across Assam and outside.
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Jayanta Topadar 8 months 3 weeks ago

Indeed, you have proven your latent talent in order to make your innovation a benchmark of future inspiration, enthusiasm & economic development and growth in life!


NITAI BARMAN 10 months 5 days ago

খুবেই ভাল‌ কাম হয়। সকলোৰে বাবে।