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The Dairy Duo

Start Date: 07-07-2018
End Date: 31-07-2021
Jona Tamuli Barman & her husband Pranab Kumar Barman of Bajali, Barpeta have set an inspiring example by scripting a success story in dairy farming. Mrs Barman is also the recipient of Chief Minister Prerna Award.
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Jyotiska boruah 1 week 1 day ago

কৃত্ৰিম দুগ্ধ উৎপাদনৰ পৰিমাণ হ্ৰাস কৰি গো পালনৰ জৰিয়তে অসমত দুগ্ধ উৎপাদনৰ আঁচনি গ্ৰহন আৰু স্বাৱলম্বী হৱ পৰা ব্যৱস্হা বৰ্তমানৰ চৰকাৰ খনে গ্ৰহন কৰা উচিত ৷


Jayanta Topadar 10 months 3 days ago

सराहनीय कर्म...! गौशाला में सेवा कार्य कर आप दोनों ने इस मानव समाज को प्रेरणा देकर अपना जीवन सार्थक किया...!!!


Chandan Sharma_2 2 years 3 months ago

I have been looking for starting dairy in my area. But due to financial stability, I approached nearby bank. No help yet. Anyhow I will look forward and small by small I will start a dairy where purity will be the top priority. Love to that many educated are coming forward and hope we will be focusing on purity and health.