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Assam Science And Technology Department

The Department of Science & Technology Assam has been established with a view to promoting Science & Technology across the state. The Department strives to play a pivotal role in leveraging the existing areas and identifying potential areas of research and development.
Its ultimate aim is to deploy Science & Technology for the socio-economic development of the state. Focusing on innovation, the Department also works towards stimulating a scientific aptitude amongst the citizens to address the issues like unemployment, poverty, and exhaustion of natural resources. Efforts are also made to popularise indigenous technologies within the state thereby uplifting the underprivileged masses. Every initiative undertaken is directed at developing a public understanding and acceptance of Science & Technology and prevail a scientific temperament among the masses.
To place Assam on a vantage point, the Department also actively involves in addressing problem areas related to Science & Technology, which conventional institutions do not take into consideration.