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Control soil erosion by planting indigenous trees

Start Date: 30-06-2020
End Date: 31-12-2020

Our soil is our life giver. As we enter the monsoon season, soil erosion becomes a matter of grave worry for all, especially for people and livestock near hilly areas and river ...

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Control soil erosion by planting indigenous trees

Our soil is our life giver. As we enter the monsoon season, soil erosion becomes a matter of grave worry for all, especially for people and livestock near hilly areas and river banks. If there is a loss in the fertile top soil, the productive capacity of the land gets compromised which in turn poses a huge risk to our food security. Some of the human-induced factors of soil erosion are felling of trees with deep roots to clear space for construction, deforestation, loss of vegetation, rapid urbanisation, etc.

Even though soil erosion is a natural phenomenon, we can reduce its impact by planting more trees and bushes which are good in holding the soil together, planting grass and creepers in and around farmlands and riverbanks, spreading mulch on bare grounds, building embankments, etc.

Share with MyGov Assam your take on how soil erosion can be minimised by plantation of indigenous trees along the riverbanks and hilly areas. You may also share any success story in this regard along with relevant photographs/videos.

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Ramakrishna Lakshmanan 2 years 9 months ago

Massive awareness needs to be created about the dangers of deforestation which causes soil erosion and other environmental damages. Afforestation must be taken up in massive scale and the efforts needs to be sustained for a very very longer period. Planting of indigenous trees needs to be initiated by creating awareness about the effects of soil erosion and its impact on environment. Urbanization needs to be balanced with efforts on maintaining our natural flora and fauna.


Sanchita Jena 2 years 10 months ago

Now-a-days as the people are cutting down the trees there is increase in chance of soil erosion. By cutting down the trees it may also cause landslides.


Sanchita Jena 2 years 10 months ago

The Soil erosion can only be prevented by planting trees, as the roots of the trees and plants holds the soil don't let the soil washed out when flood or rain occurs.


KASHINATH BASAPPA UDNUR 2 years 11 months ago

First the soil has to be tested for its density,water absorbing, retention and cohesiveness.After that plats suitable to withstand the soil firmly have to be planted.


NUPUR CHOUDHURY 3 years 1 month ago

Talking about Assam we are rich in natural resources. Planting and nurturing tree should be make as our culture.
Protection of forest and its natural resources is responsibility of each and every citizen. We should raise our voice high enough wherever and whenever we see anyone doing harm to our mother earth.
Trees also do have the same right to live as we. It should be encapsulated in our heart not to destroy them rather save them by any means


NUPUR CHOUDHURY 3 years 1 month ago

Planting trees is a noble cause. The alarimg thread to our environment is not hidden to anyone. So it is high time for the entire human being to awake up and be active to take active participation in reducing the pollution. The concerned authority should take firm step regarding this problem.
Everyone should take responsibility of atleast planting and nuturing of one tree. If we help nature to grow then only we can take fresh air .


ANURAG BHATTACHARJEE 3 years 1 month ago

Flood & Soil erosion approximately takes hundreds of hectares of fertile farmland and destroys valuable projects every year. So merely planting trees of different combinations at the banks of the river cannot be a solution due to the geographical location and unpredictable nature of River Brahmaputra. As a permanent solution to this issue, MANGROVE trees should be planted in a certain sequence in the downstream of the riverbank and for upstream, Netherlands Flood control model should be applied.


Raktim Ranjan Das 3 years 1 month ago

Soil erosion is inversely proportional to the no of trees present.So more the the trees less will be the soil erosion will be the erosion.As a responsible citizen we must assure afforestation helpfull in regain of soil fertility and amount of CO2 in the air will be less that indeed help to reduce the global warming.As the consequences of soil erosion can be dangerous which can make human to lost their life also,we must take pledge to prevent soil erosion and encourage the planting of trees more.


Dibyajyoti Bordoloi 3 years 1 month ago

চহৰাঞ্চলৰ প্ৰসাৰ, ঔদ্যোগিকীকৰণ আদি বিভিন্ন কাৰকৰ প্ৰভাৱত গছ-গছনিৰ সংখ্যা হ্ৰাস পোৱাটো ভূমিস্খলনৰ এটা অন্যতম প্ৰধান কাৰক।


Trinayan Jyoti Bora 3 years 1 month ago

Well soil erosion has been a major problem for the region from the pass decades. Indigenous trees can be planted nearby river banks.Govt should consult the environmentalist,geologist regarding it.Along with plantation of trees on roadside,plantation of trees along riverside or embankments should be encouraged hand in hand.