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Environment and Forests Department, Assam

Assam, the gateway of Northeast India is blessed with immense flora and fauna. The recorded forest area of the State is 26,832 sq km accounting for 34.21% of its geographical area. It is also home to various mammals, avian and amphibian species such as the endangered one-horned rhino, pygmy hog, hispid hare, white-winged wood duck, great Indian hornbills etc. The Department of Environment and Forests is entrusted with the responsibility of managing our forest, forest produces and wildlife of the State of Assam, thereby preserving the bio-diversity of the State.

The Department of Environment and Forests endeavours to protect and improve the environment along with conserving the priceless biodiversity of the State. It seeks to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the State, preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture, protect the natural environment, generate income and employment opportunities etc thus bringing a positive change in our environment.

The Department puts utmost emphasis on activities such as conservation of areas having rich biodiversity, conservation and development of Protected Area Network, up-gradation of research and developmental activities, expansion of forest cover of the state through private plantation, conducting awareness programmes, distribution of seedlings to the people from forest nurseries, etc among many other developmental actions.