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Assam Police

The Assam Police Department functions with a view to enforcing and maintaining law and order, preventing criminal activities, and contributing towards public safety without bias. The Department is committed to integrity, discipline, accountability, and fearlessness. Based on the cornerstone of sincerity, dedication, and compassion Assam Police is mission-driven to uphold the rights, safety, and dignity of citizens whilst abiding by the Constitution. This apart, the Department also works incessantly towards strengthening the police-public bond so participatory democracy can be implemented in the truest sense. The Department follows the mandate of playing an instrumental role in the identification and prevention of crime to safeguard public interests with regard to law. The police personnel strive to be professional, personable, service-oriented, and responsive to the imperatives of a crime-free State. Above all, the Department aims at being adaptable to the dynamism of the State’s ever-evolving policing system.