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Inviting Suggestions For Controlling Assam Traffic

Start Date: 25-04-2017
End Date: 25-05-2017

Assam being one of the emerging states of India, the transformation of villages into towns, towns into cities and improvement in the road connectivity has been witnessed throughout ...

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Assam being one of the emerging states of India, the transformation of villages into towns, towns into cities and improvement in the road connectivity has been witnessed throughout the state. Exponential growth in population and their increasing movements resulted proportional raise in number of motor vehicles of all sizes and shapes on the roads making traffic management extremely difficult to maintain smooth flow of traffic on the road. To make matters worse, pedestrians and other road users are joining the crowd. The situation is in such a worsening condition that the traffic managements have ended up being at the receiving end.
To tackle this man made menace an improvised and judicial system need to be in place in the form of traffic rules and regulations along with innovative infrastructural support base. Therefore, State Government invites suggestions from citizens to put forward their innovative ideas and suggestions to develop an organised traffic system, which will be conducive to the smooth flow of men and help in minimising and eliminating of traffic congestion.

Last date for submission of ideas is 25th May, 2017

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Suman Baruah 3 years 2 months ago

Dear Sir, Closing the U trun at Adabari has greatly reduced traffic jam in adabari loacation, so I humbly request u to humbly request u to close the U trun near Anuradha Cinema Hall


Biman Konwar 3 years 2 months ago

Dear Mr Sonowal sir, Now Assam is also emerged in Digital India. So if Drive SMARRT technique is literate to all drivers those have driving licence I think it will work in the traffic control in the state.
S earch to the horizon
M aintain space and visibility
A lways move your eyes
R ecognize & R espond
T ake control - be seen. This is a safety tool for the drivers .


ABHIJIT DHAR 3 years 2 months ago

Dear Mr.Sonowal, I would request you to have a sudden visit to DTO office of Guwahati which has become a center of corruption as they offer driving licence to people even without seeing their driving capabilities and they refrain right people from getting the Driving Licence when they apply through normal process... It is really disheartening..


ABHIJIT DHAR 3 years 2 months ago

Let us have traffic booths on every busy points where our reserve Traffic police should get time to rest during scorching heat or rain..


ABHIJIT DHAR 3 years 2 months ago

We should increase the Salaries of Traffic Police so that they should refrain from getting busy in taking Rs 10-20 from Truck drivers by allowing them to enter city during business hours which causes huge rush on the roads and they don't get time to look into who is breaking the traffic rules..


ABHIJIT DHAR 3 years 2 months ago

Our Traffic Police should be more active and they should catch hold of young school students who drive recklessly in roads without wearing helmets as they are nit only vulnerable for themselves but also for other commuters..


Jyoti Prakash Thakuria 3 years 2 months ago

within the city limits we see unauthorised parking of vehicles near Higways like in Khanapara or say the newly built flyover at jalukbari. how can the traffic allow to place a shop on or near flyover and park buses looking for passengers? A dedicated place has to be assigned in these areas and traffic should be very strict.Remove all parkings beside the road within city and assigned parking area in every 100m.City bus not to stop more than 30sec in a bus stop. Clear foothpath and make wakable.


Shailen Deka 3 years 2 months ago

We see many dangerous practices in the highways:
In divided highways such as the 4-lane highway between Guwahati and Nagaon, local people in many places drive along the wrong lanes (on the right hand side of the divider), confronting the incoming traffic.
In non-separated highways, many drivers overtake dangerously in spite of incoming traffic, forcing incoming traffic to stop.
There should be Highway Patrol with Travelling Magistrate to deliver instant justice to the offenders.


Kamruz Zaman 3 years 2 months ago

please make public transport system more convenience so that people can rely on it to avoid own vehicles. It is very much needed in cities other than Guwahati. 7.A.M to 9 P.M Govt city bus services should be introduce in all major cities and towns of Assam.
Roads should be widen. starting of timely shuttle train service between major towns.