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Pollution-Free Green District of Assam

One of the prime objectives of this new State Government under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal is to transform the Assam into a pollution-free ...

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One of the prime objectives of this new State Government under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal is to transform the Assam into a pollution-free state. The Assam Government is giving the best of its efforts to make the state a popular eco-tourism hotspot for the tourists, while giving equal emphasis on conservation.
With the aim of making Assam pollution-free, the State Government is organising a conservation initiative where 33 districts of the State will be competing against each other for the “Best Pollution-Free Green District of Assam” title. Through this competition, the Government wants to create environmental awareness among the people and work collectively for implementing anti-pollution measures in their respective districts.
A state can render a beautiful appeal to it by taking up various conservation efforts such as planting saplings across the entire expanse of the state, cycling more instead of driving to reach shorter distances, banning plastics, using two separate dustbins for degradable and bio-degradable products, practising sustainable living, preserving existing green areas, increasing the recycling rate, etc.
In every district, a diverse variety of trees such as Neem, Lichi, Bullet Wood, Flame Trees, Yellow Flame, etc. could be planted to purify the air, which will also give the district a picturesque appearance. Fruit orchards are also extremely beneficial in serving both beautification and commercial purposes.
Each district will be judged on the basis of its unique preservation and eco-friendly efforts to turn Assam into a pollution-free state. It will be the responsibility of each district to take care of the saplings planted in this pollution-free drive until it turns into mature trees.

The district, which most efficiently adopt and implement these ideas would be rewarded at the end of this year and it will bag the Best Pollution-Free Green District of Assam title.

Prize Money: Rs. 40,000 and a Certificate

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Budhiram Borah 1 year 2 weeks ago

For greening golaghat District firstly i am already planted some kinds of tree in my house land. Now I am working on the project of a Bonsai Narsari which I have thinking for Spread-out but i have no money for do it. Secondly, for greening district, a act of low greening should be created where the people are planted tree and used dustbeens in urban or rural area in widely. Under forest dept. I am president of JFMC(joint forest menegement commetee), doing on greening atmosphere.

Santanu Datta 1 year 3 weeks ago

All are in same effort of making DHUBRI district green, pollution free and tourist destination.

Ashok Baruah 1 year 3 weeks ago

We Radiant Skills & Environmental Solutions,working in Waste Management Project in Tezpur, Sonitpur,Assam under Swachh Bharat Mission initiated by our able Hon'able Prime Minister.We r the 1st organisation started this project in Assam.

Our Main Objective is: BIN LESS TOWN
We placed our Haul Bins in the morning at 6.30am & once it fills by our Waste collector,transfer to the processing plant in the same day by 10.30am.This is our regular practice.

But few people of TMB is not supporting.

Biman Konwar 1 year 1 month ago

Organic manure and symbiotic fertilizer need to be upgrade we can use the waste product with.

SOURAV LALA 1 year 1 month ago

We all want pollution free state but no one can actually doing this if you take my opinion stop making pollution free state make a standard and beautiful state like shilong and other state of india they charge fine if anyone try to fell some plastic chips packet bottle etc if all over the state try the same thing every were spread dustbins and make a notice try to make all roads clear and new instead of clearing city clear the road make a beautiful place to visitors try to plant tree

Santanu Datta 1 year 1 month ago

Green with life best example of live and let live at Dhubri district of Assam.

Santanu Datta 1 year 1 month ago


Narayan Nath 1 year 1 month ago

As Bongaigaon is my home town, So I can say Bongaigaon Pollution Control Board has been cagey about Sound & Chemical Pollution makes by the Small Fabrication Factories and which are thriving anywhere in Rural Areas. So, which are making the daily life of local people worst.I personally have had many complains but no action has been taken. So, this is only one example. So, I don't think that Govt. of India/Assam can make a Pollution free District with some kind of Government workers.