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Logo Design Competition For Assam Inland Water Transport Development Society (AIWTDS)

Assam Inland Water Transport Development Society (AIWTDS) has been formed as an Apex Autonomous Body under the State Transport Department. The objective of this organisation is to ...

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Last Date- Jun 10,2017 07:52 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Assam Inland Water Transport Development Society (AIWTDS) has been formed as an Apex Autonomous Body under the State Transport Department. The objective of this organisation is to manage, monitor, and coordinate the water sector of the State. The organisation is responsible for guiding the water sector in delivering as well as reforming water services.
It plays a key role in resource management and the smooth functioning of the inland water routes within the State, thus eliminating transportation bottleneck and maintaining proper navigability. This apart, the organisation also oversees the provision of rescue services and beautification of the surroundings to augment river tourism.
Inland water transportation is one of the many factors that attract investments to the State. It is cost-effective and eco-friendly in comparison to other modes of transportation. In view of this, AIWTDS also works towards strengthening the water transport network and facilitating easy movement for the people of the State. Capacity development and fleet modernisation also fall under its umbrella.
The Competition
Assam Inland Water Transport Development Society (AIWTDS) invites entries from interested persons for a logo design competition. This logo, which would be used as the official symbol of AIWTDS, shall help the organisation establish its unique identity. In a world that is going digital, the logo will also help the organisation leave a digital footprint of its actions, communications, and contributions manifested on the Internet.

Last Date of Submission: 09-June-2017
Winner will get:- 20,000 and a certificate

Click here Guidelines, Technical Parameters, and Terms and Conditions.

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Aswirbaad Das 2 days 11 hours ago

The AIWTDS logo represents a steamer travelling through the Brahmaputra as evident from the Saraighat Bridge in the background.
The smoke emitted by the steamer is actually a flame, which makes the whole steamer resemble an earthen lamp that we burn during festivals. This signifies progress and development.

EASHAN SIKDER 3 days 10 hours ago

It have mainly two component one is the historical ship which correlate that inland water transport is present from long time and the second component which is the different shades of water indicates the endurance and reliability of our water transport system.
lastly, colour of the logo describe its unique purpose i.e water transport.

*all components are editable

Kaushik Chetia 4 days 2 hours ago

(The logo consist of water,a boat and the sun. over the water the boat symbolize the transportation while shinning sun refers the higher ends)

AIWTDS Logo designed by-
Ranjit Bikash Chetia.
Graduate Teacher
G.B.Chowkhani H.S.School,Makum
Pin -786170

Isha Poddar 6 days 20 hours ago

2.00 X 1.749 inch logo
Multicolour rgb png file
Inspired by the beautiful Brahmaputra river sunset view as the ferries/ships coming and going across the river from the city of Guwahati to North Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam.

Anupam Sonowal 6 days 21 hours ago

A logo for AIWTDS. Purely self work showing the map of Assam with the mighty Brahmaputra river and other tributories which trying to relate the possibility of inland waterway transport. The red dot is the sun that rises from the North-eastern side is another creative thinking in support of the logo design. Thank you.