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Suggestions for Making APDCL More Efficient and Proactive

Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), a public limited company, owned by Assam Government, was incorporated on October 23, 2009. The Company mandates to serve the ...

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Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), a public limited company, owned by Assam Government, was incorporated on October 23, 2009. The Company mandates to serve the people with the electricity distribution, trading, supply in the state of Assam or outside.

APDCL is marching ahead with its vision to be the catalyst for holistic growth of the state of Assam by powering agriculture and Industry; lighting rural and urban homes and generating internal resources for continually improving technology and delivery system to induce customer delight.

The goal of APDCL may be reached only when the organisation explores its human and other resources to its fullest in a holistic manner. To keep up with the momentum of Chief Minister’s commitment to transform Assam in to a developed State in all spheres, APDCL is also gearing up to make the organisation more efficient and proactive in serving people better. In this regard APDCL through ‘MyGov Assam’ is seeking suggestions from the people in general on the ways to make APDCL more efficient and proactive and become pride of Assam.

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Joaquín Soria's picture

Joaquín Soria 1 day 10 hours ago
Telling people what to do with the money they earn after doing their fair share of work? C'mon! What the hell is this government doing... They are reaching INC levels and that's a thing nobody expected. If it wasn't from Modi Ji's popularity and the centre's money... This government would fall into oblivion like the ones before.

I see this people's mediocrity and my only thought is ''How easy is to be a politician''

Biman Konwar 4 days 8 hours ago

Out sourcing quality service is good. But service tax charge will hit the poor as well as lower middle gr people. One of the good solution to prevent catastrophic lost is prepaid meter in all the urban, and semi urban areas will improve 60 % of the service. At the same time the good quality with fire and weather resistant high insulating cables should be installed replacing the old aluminium cables for distribution of the power home to home.

DHRUBAJYOTI BARUAH 5 days 7 hours ago

ঘৰে ঘৰে বিদুৎ বিল বিতৰণ কৰিবলৈ অহা কৰ্মচাৰীসকলক ATM swipe মেচিন দি পঠিয়ালে মাচুল সংগ্ৰহ খৰতকীয়া হ'ব ।

nirmal rongpi 6 days 1 hour ago

1.Online payment on APDCL deducting 1% excess from consumers account where we getting 1% benefit such as BSNL bill payment
2.Still APDCL bill not rounded off the amounts after Guwahati high court order for rounder off in bill after 15 years.

Dipanka Gogoi 1 week 3 days ago

Honourable Chief Minister, Digital India can only be possible when we have sufficient power supply. Frequent load shedding hamper in maintaining digital equipment's performance, thus lead to go for common processes in various tasks in banking, communication, official work etc.

Set up small hydro power stations for Assam. We have that resources.

Thanking You,
From Golaghat.

Joaquín Soria's picture

Joaquín Soria 1 week 6 days ago

When APDCL was created, its primary mission was to bring electricity efficiently to all Assameses at a reasonable cost. The company has now become a machine for politicians to maintain their position in power, at the expense of taxpayers.

The service is bad and inefficient, the company is in red numbers and the taxpayers suffer the consequences of that. PRIVATIZE THAT USELESS BEHEMOTH NOW! Or politicians are so corrupted that they still want to use that decadent company as source of loot?

Arjun uchiha 2 weeks 1 day ago

The power distribution is shit,u can't even provide electricity for atleast 15 hrs/day.Please find some effective alternative for that and provide electricity 24hours/day.Install some smart equipments so that electricity theft can be stopped.

gautam Basumatari 2 weeks 4 days ago

1.All government offices should equiped with ON GRID SOLAR SYSTEM having NET METERING SYSTEM.
2.Energy meter reading should be modernised .HAND HELD ATM SWEEPING Machine should provide to all the METER READER to collect electricity bill in electronic form. This method may increase the bill collection efficiency.
3.APDCL should form Rapid Action Team at all subdivision to minimize the power outage hour.