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Suggest us Sustainable Alternatives to Beat Plastic Pollution

The use of plastic is polluting our water bodies, damaging ...

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The use of plastic is polluting our water bodies, damaging
marine life and causing threat to human health. Plastics are not biodegradable and most of them cannot be recycled, creating imbalance in our eco-system.
For creating awareness, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year and this year India will serve as the global host of the day. We urge citizens to join hands in exploring sustainable alternatives and cut the excessive use and production of plastic. In 2018, the day will be on the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

‘MyGov Assam’ solicits your innovative ideas to tackle this menace of pollution caused by plastic.

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Bijoy Mazumder's picture

Bijoy Mazumder 18 hours 20 min ago

A few steps may reduce pollution created by plastic items 1) Use of paper bag instead of polythene bags 2) Create awareness amongst common people to avoid plastic bags etc. 3) Since it will be difficult to ban the plastic producing industries, so awareness programme will help in minimizing of use of plastics bags etc.

jyotirmoy kashyap 1 day 23 hours ago

govt. try to make a coin
machine. if a man entered waist plastic bottle in this machine than the machine give him a little amouot of money or prize.than the peoples collected bottles & save in this machine or
if we create innovative idea to make useful things by plastic bottles,trash.

Vinod Vaishnav 1 week 2 days ago

1.The sale of plastic bags should be banned around the country's tourist spots and public places.
2.Use Clothes Bag For Green Environment .
3.  Don't Throw plastic bags any Places around You.

Mridanga Das 2 weeks 8 hours ago

If we use biodegradable plastic it would be becoming a alternative of traditional plastic which is made up of chemicals.Biodegradable plastics are made from all-natural plant materials. These can include corn oil, orange peels, starch, and plants. Traditional plastic is made with chemical fillers that can be harmful to the environment when released when the plastic is melted down. With biodegradable plastic, you get a substance made from natural sources that does not harm society.

Rashmirekha Sarma 2 weeks 23 hours ago

The packaging industry is the main culprit of plastic pollution. I viewed my monthly grocery shopping and only remember that the matchbox (diyasalai) is not packeted in plastic. Polythene bags are the part of pollution, but only a small part. To make a solution for plastic pollution, first and foremost, government have to ban plastic packaging in all food and household items all over India immediately.

Poonam Damani 2 weeks 4 days ago

We should use non woven carry bags more than plastics bags as non woven bags are reusable, photo-degradable and also cheaper as compared to other alternatives for plastic.And as compared to paper bags, the process of making non woven carry bags is much easier and better for the environment. There is no cutting of trees involved. The administration should promote non woven bags as much as possible.

Ashim Dutta 2 weeks 4 days ago

We certainly can Beat Plastic Pollution by simply banning manufacture and use of one time use of plastic containers for water, fruit drinks etc. Another way will be to have a vigorous awareness campaign amongst the public to dispose plastic items in designated spots to be collected by GMC/NGO workers for ultimate disposal. Still further, we can install at very convenient points water dispensing units from where people can collect water in other vessels other than throw away plastics.

MD MUSTAQUE REZWAN AHMED 2 weeks 4 days ago

Though plastic pollution is a menace, people won't stop using it as Plastic products have become an integral part in our daily life as a basic need. Pyrolysis process becomes an option of waste-to-energy technology to deliver oil from all types of plastic waste from household, industrial and bio medical waste. Pyrolysis is a very good solution for plastic waste management which will lead to a very sustainable environment around us along with the socio economic development of the society.

Kaushik Das 2 weeks 4 days ago

Top alternatives for plastic:
1) hemp fibre.
Made from cannabis plant(non psychoactive)
2) hemp fibres used to make clothes, bags, shoes ,concrete and.hemp miz and even in making cars substituting plastic fibres.. Hemp fibres, made cars are 6 times stronger than steel.

2) hemp cultivation will boost the economy.
3) use of plastic to construct roads. Which are more durable, weather proof, rain resistant.

3) once plastic is reused completely, the threat of pollution decreases.

Nripendra Kumar Sarma 2 weeks 5 days ago

All banners used for any meetings / celebration functions etc. should be made of cloths. Also use of all other Single Use Plastics in any forms is strictly prohibited to reduce the plastic burden. All painters (Banner writters) are now jobless, due to our apathy or invasion of flex machines. Such Painters may be facilitated with soft loan with or without subsidies. Districtwise empanelled Painters should mandatorily be involved for all painting works associated with Govt functions in districts.