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Seeking Suggestions On Ways to Promote Rural Tourism of Assam

Tourists are always in pursuit of travel retreat and are very curious about exploring new destinations. Often, it is seen that ethnicity attracts tourists from all over the world ...

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Tourists are always in pursuit of travel retreat and are very curious about exploring new destinations. Often, it is seen that ethnicity attracts tourists from all over the world and hence, Assam could be one of the sought-after destinations in the world.

Though, Assam is one of the dream destinations for travellers, however the rural part of Assam is still untouched and unexplored. The villages of Assam are blessed with beautiful landscapes, natural flora and fauna, forests, rivers etc. exuding a picturesque view. Also,due to the diverse communities and tribes, one can witness many hues of Assam in the form of different attires, ornaments, arts and crafts. So, promotion of rural tourism is imperative in the interest of the state as it could benefit the rural society of our state leading to income generation and thus raising the economy of the state.

In relation to that, the Assam Tourism Department welcomes suggestions from the citizens to share their valuable ideas to promote rural tourism of Assam.

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ANKIT KR. SINGH 4 months 4 days ago

I think it would be better if rural connectivity esp.public transport,roads are developed/improved in the beginning,connecting rural areas with important districts.often people have to hire private vehicles to visit tourist places in assam.after that cultural & food specialties of rural areas should be brought into focus via some kind of festival like Kite Festival that happens in Gujarat.lastly cheap & affordable hotels/accommodation should be there with good facilities to attract tourists.

Raj Sutradhar's picture

Raj Sutradhar 4 months 5 days ago

There are many beautiful places in Karbialong Chapanala, belurghat, Akashiganga, i have name few in one district, there are many beautiful palaces in many district. You, can make a website where local tourist spot where are available with pictures, location and cab service and map through google map. Not only it will promote rural tourism but also it will provide employment to local youth

Nishit Ranjan Das 4 months 1 week ago

To promote rural tourism, agencies with experts having knowledge about the state are to be engaged, to start pilot project in some villages where things to be done is limited, having the attractive landscape & other natural beauty. Moreover, Traditional festival, traditional sports and customs can be represented in some natural conditions.At beginning places are to be communication friendly and proper arrangement of hospitality and advertisement is to be made.

sonu jaiswal_1 4 months 2 weeks ago

The Only way To Push The Tourism sector or industry of assam is to Promote and recognize the places which are interested to visit and make a website where all the details of the particular places is content.Thereafter The Ways To transport should be explained so that the tourist can reached the desire placed without any Conflict .One More Point I want to pin point is That the details regarding the Staying and flooding also be there so that trouble for tourist .A Complete details about should thr

Manjit Nath's picture

Manjit Nath 4 months 2 weeks ago

Please make a collaboration with Air BnB (also maybe with OyoRooms, Mahindra Holidays etc) and request them to promote this; Govt to only provide administrative help. Air BnB is expanding in India and this might be a good financial proposition for them