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Seeking Suggestions On Ways to Promote Rural Tourism of Assam

Tourists are always in pursuit of travel retreat and are very curious about exploring new destinations. Often, it is seen that ethnicity attracts tourists from all over the world ...

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Tourists are always in pursuit of travel retreat and are very curious about exploring new destinations. Often, it is seen that ethnicity attracts tourists from all over the world and hence, Assam could be one of the sought-after destinations in the world.

Though, Assam is one of the dream destinations for travellers, however the rural part of Assam is still untouched and unexplored. The villages of Assam are blessed with beautiful landscapes, natural flora and fauna, forests, rivers etc. exuding a picturesque view. Also,due to the diverse communities and tribes, one can witness many hues of Assam in the form of different attires, ornaments, arts and crafts. So, promotion of rural tourism is imperative in the interest of the state as it could benefit the rural society of our state leading to income generation and thus raising the economy of the state.

In relation to that, the Assam Tourism Department welcomes suggestions from the citizens to share their valuable ideas to promote rural tourism of Assam.

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Debraj Dey 10 months 3 weeks ago

For rural tourism,it is very much essential to be a good transport network i.e road networks from City.The people of rural should be given license to sell liquor like in Goa and also encourage the rural people to go for green revolution along with proper sanitation system at Assam.Rain water harvesting should also another factor to attract the tourist who can come to Assam for forest travelling.

Jugal Mahanta's picture

Jugal Mahanta 11 months 6 hours ago

Call the village head man.Each village is different from other.Each tourist is different from the other.Target village target tourist should be the approach.
1. Satra in Majuli can be spiritual village,where people with interest in culture and heritage will visit,to see satriya dance,bhaowna and hear nam prasang.
2. Mirri Missing village can be developed for people who want to taste of Assam,commercial establishment sailing traditional wine and smoked stuff
3. Tea Garden ..

Dhrubajyoti Kalita's picture

Dhrubajyoti Kalita 11 months 1 week ago

যিহেতু এহাতে অসম চৰকাৰৰ অধীনস্থ অসম পৰ্যটন নিগমে অসমৰ পৰ্যটন সম্পৰ্কীয় বিকাশৰ কামৰ গুৰি ধৰি আছে, আনহাতে অৰ্থনীতি আৰু পৰিসংখ্যা সঞ্চালকালয়, অসমে ৰাজ্যিক পৰ্যায়ত আৰ্থ-সামাজিক তথ্য সংগ্ৰহৰ কাম কৰি আছে, সেয়েহে দুয়োটা বিভাগে উমৈহতীয়া প্ৰচেষ্টাৰে গ্ৰাম্য পৰ্যটন বিষয়ক জৰীপ চলোৱাৰ কথা চিন্তা কৰিব পাৰে। এই ক্ষেত্ৰত বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়-মহাবিদ্যালয়ৰ শিক্ষাৰ্থীসকলকো (বিশেষকৈ ভূগোল, নৃতত্ব, পৰিৱেশ, বাণিজ্য আৰু অৰ্থনীতি শাখাৰ ছাত্ৰ-ছাত্ৰী) স্থানীয় পৰ্যায়ত জড়িত কৰিব পাৰিলে অতি ভাল ফল পোৱাৰ পূৰ্ণ সম্ভাৱনা আছে।

Dhrubajyoti Kalita's picture

Dhrubajyoti Kalita 11 months 1 week ago

১)গাঁওৰ ৰাইজক সজাগ কৰাৰ লগতে প্ৰাথমিক আভাস দিয়াৰ বাবে গ্ৰাম্য পৰ্যটন বিষয়ক সহজ-সৰল ভাষাত পুস্তিকা এখন প্ৰকাশ কৰি গ্ৰামাঞ্চলত বিতৰণ কৰিব পাৰি (অতি কম মূল্যত)।
২) পৰ্যটন আৰু গ্ৰাম্য পৰ্যটন সম্পৰ্কীয় পাঠ স্কুলীয়া পৰ্যায়ৰ পৰাই প্ৰৱৰ্তন কৰিব লাগে।
৩)অসমৰ সকলোবোৰ ঠাইত থকা পৰ্যটনৰ আকৰ্ষণীয় বিষয় আৰু স্থানবোৰ জৰীপৰ সহায়ত চিনাক্ত কৰাৰ লগতে শ্ৰেণীৱদ্ধভাবে লিপিৱদ্ধ কৰি উলিয়াব লাগে। তাৰ পিচত সেইবোৰ তথ্যৰ ভিত্তিত পৰিকল্পনা প্ৰস্তুত কৰিব লাগে।

Muktikam Ojah 11 months 1 week ago

Guwahati, is the gateway to the whole of Assam and entire Northeast. Development of this city and its beautification is the vital thing to be looked upon first.

dr b k sen 11 months 3 weeks ago

As an attractive tourist spot both the sides of newly constructed road at Dibrugarh dike be dressed with commercial floriculture and seasonal fruit culture such as banana,annanas,litchi,orange etc.These may be done through leasing at least 2 bighas of such land to 1 unemployed youth along with capital and technological support on profit sharing principle.However the necessary skill may be taken from agriculturist.

SUBHENDU_46 11 months 3 weeks ago

Villages in Assam are the dreamlands. Nature has gifted the villages in Assam in abundance. The honesty cordiality simplicity of villagers of Assam are heavenly gift. To attract people in villages of Assam from all over the world the heritage and culture of Assam should be brought under publicity through Indian and foreign TV channels widely. Besides exhibition of natural beauty and culture of this holy land should be held in India and abroad for time and again.

Joaquín Soria's picture

Joaquín Soria 11 months 3 weeks ago

Southwestern Cambodia successfully runs community-based ecotourism to address such issues. First, this program targets villages of low GDP for ecotourism to help provide jobs and education for these communities. The local people in the villages determine the tourism activities available with an emphasis on showing their local culture. Due to that the local populations have limited their logging and other harmful practices. It has given a more successful industry and a better ecosystem.