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Let us combat the traffic of Guwahati, a gateway to North-East India

Guwahati, the gateway to the Northeast India, has emerged as a fast-developing metropolitan city over the period of time. But, urbanisation has its own challenges and consequences. ...

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Guwahati, the gateway to the Northeast India, has emerged as a fast-developing metropolitan city over the period of time. But, urbanisation has its own challenges and consequences. Due to various socio-economic reasons, the city has experienced a huge increase in population, which has resulted increased number of vehicles.
Each day the number of vehicles that ply on the Guwahati city streets are increasing which aggravates traffic congestion and accidents. Considering the immediate need to maintain a free-flowing traffic in Guwahati, MyGov Assam solicits suggestions from the citizens on how to tackle the problems relating to traffic.

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BHAIRAB KALITA 1 week 2 days ago

I usually ride my scooter through Chandmari towards Silpukhuri Road for my daily office; but I always find traffic at the Gate of Good Shephard School, Pub Sarania Road, Chandmari from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. There is no traffic volunteer from the School Authority to control the Cars.The school authority should keep school workers at their gate.if every guardian parks their big size car outside in the main busy road and come after 5 minutes and again chit chat at roadside. Please take Steps Sir.

NILUTPAL SHARMA 3 weeks 7 hours ago

If the department can make a rule of stopping the vehicle before zebra crossing and let the pedestrian cross the road,and then the vehicle can move on.Speed limit inside the city should be maintained by the vehicle. Aggressiveness on driving the vehicle should be maintained. I just wanted to say about the rules that prevails in entire bhutan. For that the monitoring system should be very proper.I think that not quite impossible If we compare it with the movement of Swach Bharat through out India

D.M. Kakati 3 weeks 6 days ago

Traffic Problem had suddenly become worse due to OLA and UBER. There is addition of 25000 vehicles in the city roads whereas the license provided for only 5000 vehicles. These vehicles have even choked the by- lanes as it requires parking space at night. As of now in every three vehicle run in the city roads one is from OLA & UBER. Hope there will be creak down on the illegal cabs to ease out the problem before they form a union and give Guwahati bandh to press their demand.

PRIYANKAR PRATIM DEKA 1 month 6 days ago

With rising population and urban migration guwahati will have to accommodate a larger population.Thus congestion in traffic will increase with larger people movement.Its now time to expand guwahati geographically.Also new roads should be wider and built with a vision for future.Mass transport like BRTS could be a welcome step.Strong penalty for disobeying traffic rule will instill discipline among the masses.

JNVDHING 2 months 2 days ago


Bandita Talukdar 2 months 6 days ago

Namaskar, traffic hol ata khubei dangor samasya...seye Moi vabo je jadio ba traffic police officer thake tathpio akota traffic complain temporary office thkibo lge..jate tat digital form t traffic r bisaye osorar police station t information diar subidha thake...tetiya tekhet sakale tar problem tu jani tak atorab parib...eyaro pori cctv r lgt signal point t traffic jam signal db lge...jate kt traffic jam ase Sai manuhe durar prai gom pabo aru tat najab...haito blg path lobo naiba derikoi jabo.

DrJayanta Gogoi 2 months 1 week ago

For avoiding long whimsical halt at stoppages and ras hovertaking buses of a route should be numbered serially e.g. 21/0001(21-route No.;0001-bus serial No.) and each bus be tagged with a time slot in the conductor's time table. Say 21/0001 with 10 stoppage should start from stoppage no.-01 at 8:00am (1 minute halt); No.1-8:10; so on and reach No.10-9:10am. Erring driver be booked under 207(1) MVA, 66/192 MVA, 15(1) RRR 177 MVA, 11/177, 2/177, 66/192 MVA "Rules of the Road Regulation" 1989.

Gopajit Das's picture

Gopajit Das 2 months 2 weeks ago

Unruly city buses are the major reason of traffic chaos in the city. Despite having specific bus-stops, the drivers of city buses seldom use the designated places. The bus drivers stop their buses wherever they want for their own advantage as they try to get more passengers. Severe traffic congestion ensues on the already crowded roads.There should be frequent checking to rein in errant city buses.The city traffic should have flying squads to check on these trouble monger and initiate strictest