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Let us combat the traffic of Guwahati, a gateway to North-East India

Guwahati, the gateway to the Northeast India, has emerged as a fast-developing metropolitan city over the period of time. But, urbanisation has its own challenges and consequences. ...

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Guwahati, the gateway to the Northeast India, has emerged as a fast-developing metropolitan city over the period of time. But, urbanisation has its own challenges and consequences. Due to various socio-economic reasons, the city has experienced a huge increase in population, which has resulted increased number of vehicles.
Each day the number of vehicles that ply on the Guwahati city streets are increasing which aggravates traffic congestion and accidents. Considering the immediate need to maintain a free-flowing traffic in Guwahati, MyGov Assam solicits suggestions from the citizens on how to tackle the problems relating to traffic.

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Santanu Datta 3 days 2 hours ago

1.Introduce pedestrian and bicycle lane heavily in city planning. 2. Impose heavy tax on private car. 3. Introduce under ground sub way in shorter route.4.Educate public for traffic rule and civic sense. 5.Finish corruption.

UTTAM KUMAR KAR 2 weeks 7 hours ago

মহাশয়, মই 2013 china গৈছিলো. তাতে মই পাইছো pvt vehicle ওপৰত govt restriction. জি সকল vehicle regd no ending with 1 and 5তেওঁলোকে monday, জি সকল ending with 2 and 6,তেওঁলোকে tuesday, ending with 3 and 7, তেওঁলোকে wed day, 4 and 8, তেওঁলোকে thrus day আৰু 5 and 0, তেওঁলোকে friday গাড়ি ওলাব নোয়ারে. Sat day and sunday no restriction.
আমি এই system experimental basis implement করি চাব পারো

Keshav Agarwal_14 3 months 3 weeks ago

The major reason for traffic congestion is improper management and bribery at the lowest level. the width of roads are sufficient enough if the lanes are dedicated, say extreme left for mass public transport like city bus, trackers. extreme right must be dedicated for overtaking and must remain free of traffic. while the middle lanes must be dedicated for 2-wheelers, three wheelers & 4-wheelers respectively.if police is effective, nothing is impossible. adhere to speed limit,prohibit lane change

Chiranjeeb Sarmah 4 months 2 weeks ago

Guwahati is a very beautiful city but the traffic jams are the worst.This is taking place because of improper management,no proper parking place,irregular bus stoppages.With the increase in vehicles the rules should be changed according to the vehicles on road.As 4 lane roads are there,I suggest the buses should be allowed to go on a particular lane and other cars,bikes and scottys on the other.And moreover no one should be allowed to overtake until they give signal and move forward.

Sohail Mazumdar 4 months 3 weeks ago

The department should make commercial drivers license exams more comprehensive, so that they dont create menace in the road. Also there should be capping of buses plying on GS Road. Sometimes we can se 6-7 buses halting at the same stop with no passengers, which creates problems for the moving traffic. Also instead of procuring hi tech interceptors with technologies which are never used, a fleet of motorcycles or small cars with proper lights and Police markings may be deployed in busy roads.

BHAIRAB KALITA 5 months 2 weeks ago

I usually ride my scooter through Chandmari towards Silpukhuri Road for my daily office; but I always find traffic at the Gate of Good Shephard School, Pub Sarania Road, Chandmari from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. There is no traffic volunteer from the School Authority to control the Cars.The school authority should keep school workers at their gate.if every guardian parks their big size car outside in the main busy road and come after 5 minutes and again chit chat at roadside. Please take Steps Sir.

NILUTPAL SHARMA 5 months 3 weeks ago

If the department can make a rule of stopping the vehicle before zebra crossing and let the pedestrian cross the road,and then the vehicle can move on.Speed limit inside the city should be maintained by the vehicle. Aggressiveness on driving the vehicle should be maintained. I just wanted to say about the rules that prevails in entire bhutan. For that the monitoring system should be very proper.I think that not quite impossible If we compare it with the movement of Swach Bharat through out India

D.M. Kakati 6 months 2 days ago

Traffic Problem had suddenly become worse due to OLA and UBER. There is addition of 25000 vehicles in the city roads whereas the license provided for only 5000 vehicles. These vehicles have even choked the by- lanes as it requires parking space at night. As of now in every three vehicle run in the city roads one is from OLA & UBER. Hope there will be creak down on the illegal cabs to ease out the problem before they form a union and give Guwahati bandh to press their demand.

PRIYANKAR PRATIM DEKA 6 months 1 week ago

With rising population and urban migration guwahati will have to accommodate a larger population.Thus congestion in traffic will increase with larger people movement.Its now time to expand guwahati geographically.Also new roads should be wider and built with a vision for future.Mass transport like BRTS could be a welcome step.Strong penalty for disobeying traffic rule will instill discipline among the masses.