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Inviting Suggestions For Controlling Assam Traffic

Assam being one of the emerging states of India, the transformation of villages into towns, towns into cities and improvement in the road connectivity has been witnessed throughout ...

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Assam being one of the emerging states of India, the transformation of villages into towns, towns into cities and improvement in the road connectivity has been witnessed throughout the state. Exponential growth in population and their increasing movements resulted proportional raise in number of motor vehicles of all sizes and shapes on the roads making traffic management extremely difficult to maintain smooth flow of traffic on the road. To make matters worse, pedestrians and other road users are joining the crowd. The situation is in such a worsening condition that the traffic managements have ended up being at the receiving end.
To tackle this man made menace an improvised and judicial system need to be in place in the form of traffic rules and regulations along with innovative infrastructural support base. Therefore, State Government invites suggestions from citizens to put forward their innovative ideas and suggestions to develop an organised traffic system, which will be conducive to the smooth flow of men and help in minimising and eliminating of traffic congestion.

Last date for submission of ideas is 25th May, 2017

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PRANJAL K SARMA 15 hours 40 min ago

Every traffic violation/accident must be recorded online to check future violations.To de-congest Guwahati fast,safe,comfortable buses should be available to Jagiroad,Nalbari,Tezpur,Dudhnoi,till 9 PM etc. Local trains to these places will solve the problem permanently.Rly bridge near Saraighat is a must.Solar powered street lights in small towns close to capital is a must. All small towns upto 100 km from Dispur must have all the best infrastructure,hospital,education,market must...

kripal saikia 1 day 17 hours ago

"hamari Assam-hamari Traffic "......
a upcomming plan from my side.
thank you
( ek Aadarsh traffic police system @In our country & world )

kripal saikia 1 day 17 hours ago

improvement@Traffic control system :
1) Proper training programme.
2) involvement of local people and volunteers.
3) Organise awareness programme on road side.
4) "Batar Naat " theme of safety.
5)Online traffic violence challan through CCTV Footages.

Mrinmoy Baruah 1 day 22 hours ago

There should be CCTV coverage in each and every bus stand.Because there should be a time period for those ,those buses takes 5-10 minutes unnecessarily in a single bus stoppage.

Debajit Medhi 2 days 30 min ago

There should be strict monitoring to have the driving licence for the teenagers.
Slow moving vehicle like e-rikswa and three wheelers should be limited to some road only so that they are not in the main busy road causing traffic jam.

sudipta borthakur 3 days 13 hours ago

The best way is to install CCtv cameras through will every one can be monitored can be catched if found breaking rule or driving rigorously. People tend to break rule if no one is watching them. Many passes through red light because they know that they won't be fined if not cathced immediatly. Installing CCtvs will also help to see if someone is not allowing to pass ambulence.

Pratyush Bhattacharyya 3 days 13 hours ago

First of all we need to emphasis on the unruly city buses and regarding their stoppages. the biggest problem is the parking of vehicles on the narrow roads which makes the road more narrow. I appreciate for the construction of the Jalukbari Flyover but sad for the parking of the buses on the flyover. Deploy of the trained traffic police and make them more serious on their job to make the traffic situation more efficient.
Hope this will be implemented.

Ron Duarah 3 days 17 hours ago

Widening of urban roads in the bigger towns is an urgent necessity. No shortcuts here. Arterial city roads have to be 4 or 6 laned. It has to be done. To tame rowdy traffic, strict action by trained police personnel has no substitute. Law has to be obeyed by all in a society, else why are we living in a society? The trained policemen should enforce the law fearlessly and without taking any sides. VIP tendencies on the road has to be ruthlessly curbed.