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Ideas on how to create livelihood opportunities through Tourism

Assam has the potential of emerging as one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Across the seasons, footfall of domestic and international tourists can be witnessed in ...

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Assam has the potential of emerging as one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Across the seasons, footfall of domestic and international tourists can be witnessed in various parts of Assam. But, still it has huge scope to widen its horizon and give this sector a complete commercial shape, involving educated and skilled unemployed youth in this trade.
Meanwhile, government of Assam is giving topmost priority to bolster the tourism sector as a means of employment and high return in a sustainable manner both in urban and rural areas of the state. The government has come up with many lucrative and supportive schemes to lure the unemployed, specially the youth of the state and encourage them to take up entrepreneurship as their career in this sector. But, it is the community at large and the unemployed youth in particular should come up and take proactive steps to transform these schemes into reality at all levels with their innovative ideas.
So, the government of Assam through ‘MyGov Assam’ solicits ideas from citizens of the state on how to create livelihood opportunities through tourism.
Last date of submission- 18-06-2017

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Gargee Dutta's picture

Gargee Dutta 10 months 2 weeks ago

Providing hospitality, vehicle,local food etc any citizen and household can be associated with Tourism sector specially in villages and remote area where Tourism has its scope.

Nilabh kalita 10 months 2 weeks ago

I think in assam every district have various tourist spots .archaeological site which are not furnished ..its our prime worktofurnish.. Have an idea .every district should have a great govt. Houses as mahatma mandir in gujarat...the place should emphasise on the following
1 an auditorium with good seat capacity(for organisation of various govt as well as pvt programme.2 a meusium which will consereve the articles of great people of that place and ancient monuments.3. 4 star hotelfor tourist.


DIBBYAJYOTI SARMA 10 months 3 weeks ago

Local products, handloom & handicrafts of a particular area should get a proper publicity as well as marketing facility so that they easily reach to the tourist. therefore the places where mostly the tourists are attracted should got proper means of development & a good place for display & marketing of the local products. apart from that the local youth of nearby villages of tourists destinations should be trained for hospitality management & other attractive ways of livelihood.

Manab Jyoti Baruah 10 months 3 weeks ago

Village tourism is an important factor that can be upgraded and uplifted by good policies. Tourism department can take steps with villagers where a villager can provide his land and the govt. can make some cottage for tourist. The income can be shared between the Govt. and the land owner.

Sadhana Mandal 10 months 3 weeks ago

Assam has been listed as one of the most beautiful places and has always been a place of tourist interest. In order to create livelihood opportunities, schemes should be provided ensuring income facilities to interested youths, maps and handy books should be provided to guides, good roads should be constructed connecting tourist spots, basic knowledge about various foreign languages should be provided to guides. The youth should be encouraged to establish themselves in this field.

Raj Sutradhar's picture

Raj Sutradhar 10 months 3 weeks ago

Local food, wine and handicrafts are the things most Tourist attracted to. If we really want to upgrade the livelihood of the people then those handmade handicraft, wine and food should reach the Tourist. Government of assam have to be the middle man. By using this method we can benefit the most of the people

Riya Rai 10 months 3 weeks ago

Assam is situated in the NE region of is a beautiful place and rich in nature resource.we should try to develop transport and communication.though which we get new ideas to develop assam

Nikita Sharma 10 months 3 weeks ago

Situated in the midst of the north-eastern region of India, Assam is not only rich in natural resources but in the field of tourism too. In regard to tourism industry better opportunities can be created to provide employment opportunities to the people.
First of all the TOURISM should be developed in the state and new vacancies should be provided in the field of tourism to add to the development of the people
Again the available resources in the state should be sustainably used in tourism too