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How Can We Keep Our Locality Clean? Tell Your Story of ‘Swachha’ Initiation

Can we imagine our home where open spaces are filled up with piles of garbage, drain is overflowing and streaming on our way, walls are marked with spitting and some corner became ...

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Can we imagine our home where open spaces are filled up with piles of garbage, drain is overflowing and streaming on our way, walls are marked with spitting and some corner became spitting zone? Surely, we will find difficult to imagine our own world of this kind. But ironically, the moment we are out of our own boundaries, we become least bother about cleanliness and its maintenance, end up creating a hell in every possible corner of our surroundings. This situation is not because of our incapability to keep our surroundings clean but due to sheer ignorance and negligence.

A dirty or polluted place is not only unhygienic and hazardous to health but also invites ill reputation in the national and international arena due to scenic disaster. Yes, this way, we have passed 70 years of our independence. Can’t we stop it here? So, let us activate ourselves today to break the inertia and take part in ‘Swachha Bharat Mission’ to serve ourselves and our country as Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly says, 'Swachhata Hi Seva'.

To make ‘Swachha Bharat Mission’ a successful one you can send your suggestions on how can we keep our locality clean and also tell your story of ‘Swachha’ initiation to ‘MyGov assam’

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Biju patar 3 days 23 min ago

First of all I should clean my home. Secondly I request to my all family members to clean area where we live. Thirdly we should request our neighbours or villagers to clean our area for good environment. We should help our neighbours to make a toilet through the awchha bharat abhiyan.

Pradip Chandra Bhattacharyya 1 week 21 hours ago

To keep the surroundings clean, first of all we need an efficient garbage collection system. The present system of garbage collection is not clean and efficient: it always leaves some garbage at the place of collection and gradually the place takes on the appearance of a garbage dump, smelling and unusable for the pedestrians. This has to be changed immediately.
Each and every Pan-Tamol taker must be forced to carry a Pik-Danee (SPITOON) with him/her and spit into it.

RAKTIM BARUAH 1 week 4 days ago

a small and effective step which the authorities can take towards a swaach state or a swaach nation is to curb the plying of old commercial vehicles creating pollution. This is something which is very disciplined and strict in other countries. Also it should not be allowed by any political group to make the city look dirty by hanging posters and banners / writing on walls during the elections or during the visit of any political leader to the city. These are quite unwanted.

Arunjyoti Das 1 week 4 days ago

I saw in Mizoram that native citizen opposes any passenger if he or she just tries to throw even an Orange peel through the window of a moving bus.This awareness matters.The shopkeepers use to clean their own area nearby their shop twice in a day-before opening and after closing shop.I think we should follow such responsibility.Morever,we must give up the habit of throwing garbage to Rivers& Drains or to Roads!We believe that cleaning is the duty of the Govt,but its actually ours!We must ACT!

Khagen Loying 1 week 4 days ago

1. The awareness among the citizens, 2. Proper facility to gather, collect and process the wastes and 3. We much be responsible towards cleanness our locality.

PULAK DAS 1 week 6 days ago

Jai Hind Sir. Sir I am serving in BSF. When I was deployed in Mizoram, I saw that people of Mizoram on every Saturday do "SHRAMDAN" in morning hours. Even their local ministers also participate in this cleaning program. They consider it their moral responsibility to keep their locality clean. Secondly within every 500 yards they meant free and common public urinals. Also Sir in our BSF there are routine Monday visit of our head of office to check sanitation and cleanliness of our area. Regards

Arjun uchiha 2 weeks 1 day ago

I live in bijni there is no garbage collection or any dumping ground.People throw garbage either in front of their home or in some pond that makes it very dirty and creating unhealthy environment around it.govt. should hire sweepers to collect garbage and maintain cleanliness.

Joaquín Soria's picture

Joaquín Soria 2 weeks 6 days ago

The community must make its contribution with a collective event on the last Saturday in each month when traffic, including airport taxis, is stopped for three hours in the morning, and the state comes together to tidy up. In that day, all able-bodied people between the ages of 18 and 65 would provide free labour for state-led projects like school building, road works, the construction of sanitation facilities and digging of anti-erosion ditches.

Joaquín Soria's picture

Joaquín Soria 2 weeks 6 days ago

Anyone convicted of dropping litter must be fined up to ₹10000 for the first conviction. Repeat convictions cost up to ₹60000, and may lead to a community service orders or anti-littering lectures, to curb repeat offenders. In the case of a third offence, law-breakers may be made to wear a sign reading “I am a litter lout”. For putting spent chewing gum anywhere other than a bin, for urinating in lifts or outdoors and for failing to flush a public lavatory you get a ₹5000 fine.