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অসমৰ সৰ্বাঙ্গীন বিকাশৰ বাবে প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকলৰ অংশগ্ৰহণ

Start Date: 28-07-2017
End Date: 23-11-2017

অসম মূলৰ যিসকল লোক অসমৰ বাহিৰত বসবাস কৰে তেনে প্ৰবাসী লোকসকলে ...

বিতং তথ্য চাওক বিতং তথ্য গোপন কৰক

অসম মূলৰ যিসকল লোক অসমৰ বাহিৰত বসবাস কৰে তেনে প্ৰবাসী লোকসকলে বিশ্বৰ প্ৰায় ১১০ খন দেশত সিচৰতি হৈ আছে। এই প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকলে বিদেশত জীৱিকা অৰ্জন কৰাৰ লগতে নিজ নিজ দেশ অথবা চহৰসমূহৰ বিভিন্ন উন্নয়নমূলক কাম কাজৰ মাজেৰে দেশ নিৰ্মানতো গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ ভূমিকা গ্ৰহণ কৰে। নিজৰ জন্মভূমিখনৰ প্ৰতি আগ্ৰহ সকলোৰে থাকে। প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকলেও খুব আন্তৰিকতাৰে অসমৰ উন্নয়নৰ ক্ষেত্ৰখনত বহু কাম নীৰৱে কৰি আহিছে। অসমৰ সৰ্বাঙ্গীন দিশত উন্নয়ন সাধন কৰিবলৈ প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকলৰ আগ্ৰহো অসীম। তেওঁলোকৰ দক্ষতা, জ্ঞান, অৰ্হতা আদিৰ জৰিয়তে অসমৰ বিভিন্ন উন্নয়নমূলক প্ৰকল্পত নিজে অংশীদাৰ হোৱাৰ ওপৰতো গুৰুত্ব প্ৰদান কৰাটো জৰুৰী।

প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকলৰ নিজৰ জন্মভূমিলৈ আগবঢ়াব পৰা বিভিন্ন কাৰ্যাৱলী সম্পৰ্কে অসম চৰকাৰে ইতিমধ্যে বিভিন্ন প্ৰকল্প হাতত লৈছে। অসম চৰকাৰে মাই গভ অসমৰ জৰিয়তে অসমৰ উন্নয়নৰ দিশত প্ৰবাসী অসমীয়া সকল কেনেদৰে জড়িত তথা অৱদান আগবঢ়াব পাৰে, ইয়াৰ ওপৰত তেওঁলোকৰ পৰা মতামত তথা দিহা-পৰামৰ্শ আশা কৰিছে।

সকলো মন্তব্য
26 তথ্য পোৱা গ’ল

Dibyojit Dutta 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

As present Govt of India has taken steps to include professionals in Senior and critical post and already several have been absorbed , I wish the present State Govt will take similar steps for the State soon and then I would like to see our Dr Sangita Kakati as Secretary ( Culture), Govt of Assam. Let us wait & see.


Arati B Baruah 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

Sonowal Government has inherited several problems from the last government of 15 years term: lack of maintenance of electrical wires (cannot happen in one day or one decade!), goofy report on some vulnerable 'mathauris', Man made problems regarding water resources, and the list can go on and on. Please make sure that the budget needed to solve 'the inherited problems' are made visible to the public. This sure will help further damage. I would like to submit several 'tips' to dredging & pollution


Prachurjya Baruah 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

Its a shame for the state that we have not been able to address the issue of urban flooding in Guwahati for ages. Lack of drainage and deforestation are the known culprits , but what has been done to tackle them? Are we forever going to be the "Venice of the East" and only look at emergency response instead of prevention. I hope the present govt learns from other cities around the world . Engineers/City planners from Assam , lets take this head-on


Prachurjya Baruah 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

This is a welcome initiative.
If Guwahati is to trully evolve to a "smart" city , the first step is ensure effective garbage disposal. Overflowing bins , roadsides littered with plastic bottles and polythene bags are not only an eye-sore but affects the quality of life of residents. Many cities have gone for smart-bin concept where bins alert garbage trucks to pickup and empty full bins on priority. Also , put surveillance cams at selected spots in the city. Clean city before smart city.


Joaquín Soria 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

Why the state government instead of wasting resources in removing a Ghandi statue and trying to name places with a political leaders name who ironically formed part of the current government's political party? They don't integrate 74% of the local schools into the electrical grid and solve the flood issue that has been affecting the region for decades. If people had wanted mediocrity, they would have voted the INC in the last election.


Kishore Baishya 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

I also wish govt of Assam takes steps towards makeing payment of Khazana (revenue) and munucipal taxes for land and building owners who are NRA easier. They must facilitate online digital payments of land revenue and taxes. Usually the land owner has to visit or find someone trustworthy to make this payment physically at the revenue office or respective gmc ward office and this has resulted in defaults without even the owner being aware of due dates in most cases. Please consider digitisation.


Kishore Baishya 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

I have noticed that our state doesn't have any export oriented units (EOU). Earlier I believe getting raw materials to centres of manufacturing was an issue but with GST and removal of checkgates and middlemen and octroi, we should be able to focus on trying to establish some export oriented unit based on our intrinsic capabilities.


Tirthanath Sarma 3 বছৰ 2 হিচাপপূৰ্বে

This will not only give the Govt a scope to interact with the members of this fraternity but the members themselves will get a chance to jnteract with each other, which might lead to some future collaborative projects. The chance of these members bringing some foreign investors or resource persons along with them to be a part of the event will eventually help the Government's cause and efforts.